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Jews take to streets in outrage against Palestinian terror; wonder where is the demonstrable outrage from funded Jewish orgs?

Israeli protesters block traffic in Jerusalem: "Jewish blood is not cheap!"

Rabbis Avraham Goldberg, Moshe Twersky,
Arye Kopinsky, Kalman Levine-slain
Some 300 protesters from the Otzma Yehudit organization took to the streets of Jerusalem today in protest of this morning's terrorist massacre at a synagogue in the Har Nof neighborhood. The demonstration took place next to the capital's iconic String Bridge close to the central bus station. Activists called for "revenge," as well as calls for Internal Security Minister Yitzhak Aharonovich to be fired for failing to deal with the ongoing and escalating Arab violence. 

"Aharonovich resign, Jewish blood is not cheap!" protesters chanted. The group then marched to nearby Yirmeyahu street and blocked traffic, and police responded by arresting six activists, including the head of the Lehava organization Bentzi Gopshtain. 

Also Tuesday evening, roughly 150 people protested in Haifa, northern Israel, calling on the government to act firmly in the face of this morning's terrorist attack.  (Israel National News)

New York Jews protest outside Palestinian mission

Palestine Mission to the UN encircled by Jewish protesters slamming what they called Palestinian incitement after deadly terror attack killed five people. A small yet dedicated group of Jews from New York took to the streets Tuesday after a deadly terror attack in a Jerusalem synagogue left five people dead, including three American-born and one British-born Israelis. A Druze police officer who was wounded while tackling one of the terrorists later succumbed to his wounds. 

Protesters slammed the Palestinian Authority for inciting violence against Jews, and decried the attack on worshipers within a religious site. Led by Rabbi Avi Weiss, demonstrators held up signs and placed them on the mission's door. US Secretary State John Kerry also called Tuesday, in the wake of the attack, for Palestinian leaders to end their incitement.  (YNet)

Jews Outside Palestinian Mission to UN Protest Jerusalem Attack 

Jews in the city gathered to condemn the synagogue attack in Jerusalem and remember the victims, including a rabbi who had personal ties in the city. NY1's Jon Weinstein filed the following report.

Dozens gathered in prayer but were filled with horror and outrage. Those are the words the demonstrators outside the Palestinian Mission to the United Nations used to describe Tuesday's terror attack in Jerusalem. The attackers walked into a Jerusalem synagogue with meat cleavers and a gun. Four people were killed, including three Americans. 

"As they opened up their mouth to say words of praise, words of prayer, words of peace, their tongues were cut off," said one person at the rally. 

"The blood of innocent human beings was shed this morning, and the world has not sufficiently expressed its outrage," said Rabbi Yaakov Kermaier of Fifth Avenue Synagogue.
Watch NY1's news story

Yehuda Glick Speaks About Shooting for the First Time

Yehuda Glick advocates for increased Israeli control over Temple Mount

Rabbi Yehuda Glick, the Temple Mount activist who was the target of an assassination attempt on Oct. 29th, is improving steadily, and received the Ashkenazi Chief Rabbi of Israel, Rabbi David Lau, as a visitor on Monday. He spoke to the Chief Rabbi for the first time about his ordeal.

"The gunman, Mutaz Hijazi, “approached me, stood opposite me, and of course I naively trusted him,” he told his visitor, recounting the moments of the attack. “He said to me: ‘I’m terribly sorry, but you are an enemy of Al Aqsa,’ and then he shot – boom boom… and then I saw someone, Shai [Shai Malka, CEO of Likud MK Moshe Feiglin's Jewish Leadership faction], and he said to me ‘Yehuda, we need you here, come!’ so we ran…”

In this video, Yehuda Glick converses with his first hospital guest, Chief Rabbi David Lau

Glick was rushed to hospital in critical condition, while Hijazi was later shot and killed. All told, Glick was shot four times, and the bullets penetrated his chest, arm and throat, cracked ribs and damaged his intestines. He spoke of the intensive treatment he has been receiving while in hospital. “I’m not in hospital because I have appendicitis, I’m not here because they shot me for being ginger,” the red-headed Glick joked to the Chief Rabbi.
“I’m here because someone thought he could ‘defy the armies of God’,” he went on, a reference to King David, another famous red-headed defender of Jerusalem. Read more

Rabbi Lau related to him how the entire Chief Rabbinate had been praying for his recovery and has closely follwed every development since the assassination attempt. "Even after a week we did not stop praying," he said. Concerning the Temple Mount itself, the Ashkenazic Chief Rabbi - who opposes visits to the Mount due to issues of ritual purity - struck a sympathetic note.

"I have not yet succeeded in finding the right place to say that at this moment I am able to go up. But I pray together with you that with the help of God the two of us will stand there to give thanks." "Remember, we will stand together to give a thanksgiving offering (in the Temple)," he added. (source Israel National News

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