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Stars come out at L.A. IDF fundraiser; Israelis & Americans express support to rout Islamist Hamas terror operations

Israeli-American star Mike Burstyn served as compere

The Mark on Pico Blvd
Israelis in L.A. gathered Tuesday 29 July for a music and multi-media show which raised almost $60,000 in donations to benefit the men and women in the Israel Defense Forces.

Israeli actress and hostess, Shani Rey explains the function held at The Mark in the Pico-Robertson area of L.A.

The mainstream media obsession with Hamas' gore orgy has confused the public about the roles of aggressor and victim in Israel's attack on the rocket launchers and tunnel attackers. 

Actor and civic-leader, Mike Burstyn, explains that Hamas sacrifices Palestinian civilians to raise global indignation against Israel. He decries anti-Semitic sentiments raised in the diaspora and recommends diaspora Jews prepare aliyah plans immediately. 

Leehy Sha'er explains how West Bank Hamas supporters's kidnapping of her nephew Gil-Ad (and two yeshiva classmates) thwarted a planned, Rosh Hashana massacre via hidden Hamas tunnels. 


Israeli boy, Shawn Rey expresses fear of hostile Palestinians and his desire for the IDF to rout out jihadist Hamas.

Angeleno, Larry Weinstock challenges Obama's intentions in forcing Israel into ceasefire negotiations with Islamist Hamas' benefactors, Qatar and Turkey.

Israeli-American grocer, IDF veteran Ronen Hellmann gives advice on Israel's strategy. 

Israeli-American entrepreneur, Gil Shai, comments that Obama administration has enabled jihadists in Syria, but Israel must not allow him to repeat it against Israel. 

Israeli-American singer performs wartime ballad at IDF fundraiser in L.A. 


American Zionist, Debbie Paperman, explains how the media misrepresentation of Israel's defensive war has evoked social marginalizing among some friends.    

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