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I.D.F. battlefield ethics- what they go through- but does it matter? Col. Bentzi Gruber

Islamists in Gaza have rocketed Israeli civilians (a war crime) for every month over the past 10-years- a total of more than 8,000 projectiles. 

Now, hoping to elicit abscondable humanitarian aid, Hamas provokes a war in which they sacrifice civilian human shields (another war crime) to discredit Israel in the world's eye and portray themselves as victim. The IDF spokesperson's office relased this video of Hamas' spokesperson encouraging their people to serve as human shields.  

Col. Benzi Gruber: IDF works to limit the collateral damage Hamas seeks

How ethical does the Israel Defense Forces need to be in eradicating these rocket launchers and Hamas' will to continue their struggle to destroy the Jewish state? I.D.F. Tanks commander, Colonel Benzi Gruber lectured for an American group weeks ago on what the I.D.F. has to sacrifice in order to maintain its ethical standards.  

Col. Gruber speaks with JooTube regarding "Ethics in the Battlefield." 

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