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L.A. Jews evaluate potential County Sheriff successor, Long Beach Police Chief Jim McDonnell

Six of the seven candidates for Los Angeles County Sheriff sparred March 19 in the first public debate of the campaign. KCAL9's Dave Bryan reports.


Friends and family of L.A. Jewish community leader, Stanley Black, organized a fund-raiser on May 17th to aid the campaign of candidate Jim McDonnell, Police Chief of the City of Long Beach. Chief McDonnell explained his candidacy and positions to prospective voters and donors in Beverly Hills. City Supervisor Zev Yaroslavsky and actor James Darren can be seen attending.

Long Beach Police Chief Jim McDonnell patiently responds to civilian concerns about Sheriff's office duties, for instance, in the L.A. County Prison System, patrol functions, courts, parks, bomb-squad, and homicide investigation, and FEMA resources and aid.


Chief Jim McDonnell responds to a question about why police gun-firings have  been high in Long Beach recently?"

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