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L.A. Jewish Film Festival '14: Behind the scenes with celebs, directors, & luminaries

JewTube's original audio/video coverage from the the L.A. Jewish Film Festival premiere and post-screening events. 

1)  Carl Reiner, Phil Rosenthal ("Everybody Loves Raymond"), George Shapiro (producer, "Seinfeld"), Jon Voight on LAJFF red carpet;

2)  Jon Voight in defense of Israel against irredentist Palestinian detracting;

3)  USAF Chaplain Dov Cohen an LA Jewish Film Fest volunteer;

4)  Father Alexei Smith on credibility of "The Jewish Cardinal" by Christians;

5)  Jewish director, Avraham Kushnir, flouts security taboo on Israeli nuclear-weapons-ambiguity in "Operation Sunflower"

6)  Julie Cohen, director of "The Sturgeon Queens" about Manhattan appetizing haven Russ & Daughters;

7)  Laraine Newman ("Saturday Night Live") on Jewish culture in the Southwestern USA;

8)  Susanna Warlick on moderating post-screening discussion at "God's Slave" May 7 '14;

9)  "God's Slave" director, Joel Novoa, illuminates influence of Islamist Jew-hate in Latin America;

10) Joel Novoa, explains the title and theme of "God's Slave" - a spy-chaser between the Iranian-backed, Muslim terror cell which would attack the Buenos Aires Jewish Community Center- and the Israeli security agents seeking to avert such attacks;

11) Father Alexei Smith: Catholic attitudes towards the Holocaust industry and modern genocides against Christians; 

12) "Boardwalk" director, Stephen Verona ("Lords of Flatbush") discusses 1st theatrical screening of "Boardwalk" (starring Lee Strasberg, Ruth Gordon, and Janet Leigh) in 30-years; 

13) "Boardwalk" director Stephen Verona is joined by directors Mark Rydell, and Bruce Goldsmith (The Actor's Studio- West) discuss the making of "Boardwalk."

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