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Chabad of Simcha Monica celebrates the meaning of Hanukah in menorah-restricted Santa Monica

Rabbis Shlomo Menkes, Issac Levitansky, Shlomo Heidingsfeld, and Rebbitzens Devorah and Suri Levitansky lead families of the Chabad-Lubavitch sect to welcome the 1st night of Hanukah- 3-blocks from the Santa Monica beach on the Pacific Ocean. 

Atheists recently led the City of Santa Monica, California to prohibit leaving religious holiday displays (such as the extensive Nativity-Scene diaramas which had overlooked the beach). The Hanukah Menorah which for over a decade had remained on the Promenade for the 8-days of Hanukah, like the Nativity displays, now can only be displayed during a live celebration. The Menorah in the background was removed at the 11pm Saturday conclusion of the event.


Any other menorahs placed in Santa Monica from now on (without a live accompaniment) will be on private property.

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