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Campaign rhetoric aside, Obama's handling of Arab-Israeli conflict reviewed in broadcast tonight at 9pm/8pm ct on LegacyTV

A foreboding of the American-Israel relationship under Obama - from before the candidates' debate rhetoric.

The second installment of the "Israel under Obama" series will be broadcast tonight on Legacy TV at 9pm ET/8pm CT. 

The program shows Obama's ceremonial pledges to be on Israel's side - contradicted by examples of his philo-Islamist Iran and Arab Palestine policies working against Israel's strength and self-defense. 

It features statements from Amb. John Bolton, former CIA director James Woolsey, Israeli analyst Barry Rubin, actor Jon Voight, radio host, Michael Medved, Malcolm Hoenlein of the Conference of Presidents of Jewish Organizations, and activist Bob Kunst at AIPAC and the White House. 

The show will air on LegacyTV across America- check for your for local listings


If LegacyTV isn't available in your area, watch it here:

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Anonymous said...

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