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Jewish values and interests in the US Presidential election

Two columnists from The Jerusalem Post, Martin Sherman and Caroline Glick (and one US syndicated columnist and radio host) contend that re-electing Barack Obama is antithetical to pro-Israel values, but also to Jewish-American values.

"If you are Jewish..." by Martin Sherman in The Jerusalem Post; 10/18/12

Israel aside, the unquestioning, almost Pavlovian, suport US Jews give Obama is inconsistent with their values and incompatible with their welfare.

As I have stated previously, I am not among the most strident critics of Barack Obama. Indeed, I find some of the vitriol directed against him by some of his more radical detractors both tasteless and baseless.
That said, I am convinced that his reelection is liable to be a calamity of epic proportions — with incalculable, probably irreversible, repercussions for US interests, both at home and abroad (at least as they have been traditionally perceived), and for those of its longstanding allies — particularly Israel. 
After four years and $5 trillion dollars, since the inspiring 2008 rallying call of “Hope and Change,” all the American people have been left with is changes that have failed and hopes that have faded.  
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US Jewry’s cherished values by Caroline Glick  10/11/2012

For 70% of American Jews, party loyalty trumps all of their conceivable rational interests.

Obama’s economic policies have taken a huge toll on the economic fortunes of American Jews who invest disproportionately in the stock market. His nationalization of the college loan business has given universities impetus to raise tuition rates still further, thus dooming more young American Jews to start their adult lives under a mountain of debt. And it isn’t at all clear how they will be able to pay off this debt since under Obama half of recent college graduates cannot find jobs 
Obama’s gutting of Medicare to pay for Obamacare has harmed the medical choices for older Jewish Americans. His war on tax deductions for charitable contributions has placed synagogues, Jewish schools and nursing homes in financial jeopardy. 
So with economics ruled out as a reason to support Obama we are left with American-Jewish values. But is Obama really advancing those values? 
What are those values anyway? Well, there’s civil liberties. American Jews like those. But Obama doesn’t. Take freedom of speech. Obama is the most hostile president to freedom of speech in recent memory. He has advocated implementing the so-called “fairness doctrine” for radio to stifle the free speech of his political opponents on talk radio. 
He has sought to undermine the freedom of the Internet through federal regulations and intimidation of Internet companies such as Google. He has made repeated and outspoken attempts to intimidate individuals, groups and businesses including Google to bar freedom of speech as relates to criticism of Islam. He has purged the lexicon of the federal government of all terms necessary to describe jihad, Islamic radicalism and terrorism, and so made it impossible for federal employees to examine, investigate, discuss or understand the nature of the greatest national security threat facing the US.
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Obama could set-up Israel to be forced to take actions which would, as in during Operation Cast Lead, incite public animus against her- which manifests internationally in anti-Semitism sentiment and violence against Jews. It's only a matter of how he regards the Jewish state and the Jews.

Dennis Prager says any illusions that US ally Israel will receive good treatment from a re-elected Barack H. Obama were dispelled when, on Netanyahu's recent visit to the U.S., Obama rejected his request for the men to meet to discuss matters of mutual importance.

Radio-host Dennis Prager told JooTube recently that Obama's mistreatment of Netanyahu reveals his disrespect for Israel and pro-Israel voters- and would forebode ill for Israel and Jews if Obama gets re-elected to a second, 4-year term.

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