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Pro-Palestinian activists push cause within Occupy Wall Street movement

An Occupy Oakland protester holds a sign on Nov. 2 featuring the slogan
"Occupy Oakland Not Palestine!" and expressing support for
Jewish Voice for Peace. (B. Hartford and J. Strong/Via Creative Commons)

Some Jewish pro-Palestinian groups have tried to tie the Palestinian cause to Occupy Wall Street.
NEW YORK (JTA) -- As the Occupy Wall Street protests continue to spread across America, an internal struggle is percolating over how the movement relates to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.
Pro-Palestinian activists are trying to insert the issue into the protests and are co-opting the Occupy Wall Street movement’s language to attack Israel. But some left-wing Jewish activists warn that these efforts will give ammunition to the movement’s critics and make it harder to build a big tent in support of Occupy Wall Street’s main economic agenda.
“We are being sidetracked by some in our community and some outside our community who are insisting on integrating this into the Occupy Wall Street platform,” said Daniel Sieradski, the organizer of Occupy Judaism, which has staged Jewish religious services by Occupy Wall Street’s main encampment at New York’s Zuccotti Park and inspired similar efforts at other protest sites.

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