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Alternative Jewish "Unity Pledge" contrasts with AJC & ADL's initiative to mute Jewish voters aganst Obama

ADL & AJC attempted to quiet Obama's
treatment of Israel as a campaign issue
National Conference for Jewish Affairs, a coalition of Jewish leaders and organizations across America, interprets the ADL & AJC's Call For Israel Pledge, and produced its own pledge:

"The two, towering pygmies of American “organized” Jewish “leadership,” the ADL’s Abe Foxman and David Harris of the AJC, issued a call on October 19th, for Jewish organizations and individuals to join them in signing what they called the “National Pledge for Unity on Israel,” the aim of which was, they said, “to rally bipartisan support for Israel while preventing the Jewish State from becoming a wedge issue in the upcoming campaign season.”   After receiving little support but lots of withering criticism, the twins pouted about being misunderstood and their message distorted.  

We at the National Conference on Jewish Affairs offer for your viewing pleasure what we think is an accurate translation of their pledge, followed by our own pledge, which we think is pretty clear.

The ADL/AJC Unity Pledge translated (and excerpted): 
Abe Foxman's 2010 ADL West Coast 
Banquet honored Steven Spielberg
3.  We shall be beholden to one political party.

5.  We shall approve of negotiating away the rights of the Jewish People to our Homeland (because we fear being called obstinate more than we fear diminishing our rights).

6.  We shall "dialogue" with people who hate Israel.  

7.  We shall invite Jew-haters and Islamists into our synagogues and Jewish centers, but not invite Jews whose opinions we don't like.

AJC's David Harris publicizes views

8.  We shall show anti-Israel films under the guise of "interfaith outreach." 

10. We shall let anti-Jewish rioters take over the streets.

11.  We shall have just enough courage, though, to take on Christian-Americans- and Jews with whom we disagree.

12.  We shall fail to educate the Jewish People about the rights of the Jewish People in the Land of Israel.

13.  We will demonize our fellow Jews, at home - and in Israel (especially those dangerous extremists in Jewish towns in Judea and Samaria.)

14.  And we shall defame and punish those who do not toe the party line.

17.  We shall call ourselves "the Jewish leaders" forever, because we know we can rely on the fact that most Jews do not have the guts to call- us-out on our dangerous antics.

18. We shall promote and sanitize enemies of the Jewish People, America and Israel.

19.  We will make "never again" a meaningless phrase.

20.  And when "again" comes, we will be safe, because we've made friends in all the right places.

21.  We shall try never to insult important people, even when they insult or damage the Jewish People, because we value being “in the room” with those "Important People" more than we value protecting and strengthening the Jewish People.

22.  Our flowery platitudes shall masquerade and replace what should be real action.

Alternate "UNITY PLEDGE" from the National Conference for Jewish Affairs (NCJA):   

Beth Gilinsky, NCJA spokeswoman (left) at NY pro-Israel rally

1.  We will never be silenced when speaking the truth regarding the Jewish People, anti-Semitism, Israel or America.

2.  We shall speak clearly and without hesitation when our elected officials or others take positions or actions that we believe are harmful to the safety and security of the Jewish State and the Rights of the Jewish People. 

3.  We will not be fooled by manipulative language used to shepherd Jews into signing on to pledges and statements intended to encourage self-censorship or shut down the free exchange of responsible ideas in our community.   So-called "Pledges of Unity" and "Civility Statements" are nothing more than attempts to silence us.

4.  We will not allow ourselves and our opinions to be controlled by organizations or officials who do not represent us.

5.  We will not financially or morally support Jewish organizations or individuals that attempt to silence us or our opinions.

6.  We will not sit silently by as Jewish officials attempt to mischaracterize us or our ideas as being "extremist" or "intolerant," "inflammatory" or "hateful."

7.  We will stand up against anti-Semitism, anti-Americanism and anti-Israel rhetoric.

8.  We will not be pressured into "outreach" with known bashers of the Jewish People, Israel, or America. We shall, however, enthusiastically reach out to and interact with sincere players and spokespeople.

9.  We will not be told by Jewish officials what to do, what to say, where to say it, how to say it, and to whom to say it. 

10. We shall publicly challenge organizations and individuals that are attempting to undermine the security and safety of Israel or America.

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