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Rabbi Fogel's family, relocated from Gaza, slain in their bedrooms (both parents, 3 children) in Itamar, near Awata

A terrorist slaughtered Gush Katif refugees, Rabbi Udi & Ruth Fogel, along with 3 of their 6 children, slain erev Shabbat inside their bedrooms in Itamar. The terror act was claimed by Fatah's al-Aqsa Martyr's Brigade.

The surviving Fogel children are Tamar, 12, Ro'i, 8, and Shai, 2. Until August 2005, the Fogel family had resided in the Netzarim Gaza community in Gush Katif.

Israel expelled Jewish communities in Gaza, in a move partly geared to demonstrate the Palestinians' ability to live in peace with Jews outside of their border.

A film was made by Israel's National Religious Party, cautioning that removing the IDF from Gaza would imperil Israelis inside Israel - because the Palestinians' inculcated hatred of Jews and quest to remove them from all of Israel, and not borders for Israel, is the obstacle to safety for Jews.

Now that Pres. Barack Obama pressed Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak to remove checkpoints on the West Bank, terrorists also have freer movement to kill

Is the girl in the first clip the same weeping Tamar as in the second clip?

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