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Jewish Fogel family's virtues - and the immorality of the Muslim culture which instigates Jewish-child slaughter - acknowledged at L.A. memorial service to slain Israeli family

Los Angeles Jewry held a memorial to the Jewish family of Rabbi Ehud & Ruth Fogel and their 3 children, slain by Palestinian terrorist hands in their home in Itamar, Samaria on Friday 11 March 11. The event was held Thursday 17 March '11 at Temple Bnai David Judea, officiated by congregational Rabbi Joseph Konefsky and organized by Fogel-family acquaintance, Shlomo Mirvis of Bnai Akiva. Mirvis presented this eulogy of a family so piously Zionistic that they hosted in their home a Bnai Akiva Oneg Shabbat of 30 children. 

Mr. Mirvis adds that Rabbi Ehud, though exempt as a father of 6 children, chose to serve his people's defense one-month annually in the Israel Defense Force reserves.

'How moral is a culture which inspires the slaughtering
of children in their own parents' faces,' queries Rabbi Hier
In this JooTube exclusive video, Museum of Tolerance's Rabbi Marvin Hier warns Palestinian slayers of the lambs of the G-d of Israel that history has shown that their acts against the G-d of Israel are wicked, immoral, futile, and will eventually backfire onto them.

Roz Rothstein, Executive Director of StandWithUs, denounces the slaughter of 5 Fogel family members by the 'premeditated evil and hate' advocated by Palestinian leadership against Israel.
Mrs. Rothstein portrays the Islamist crusade against Israel as an objectionable continuation of the Nazi movement against the Jews - which ultimately results in strengthening Jewish resiliance.

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