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Zionists show pride at NYC Salute to Israel Parade & Israel Day Concert; enemies show opposition

Jewish War Veterans, New York region
Hundreds of thousands of people took part in the Salute to Israel Parade on New York City's Fifth Avenue Sunday. Participants danced to the tunes of Hebrew music, waved Israeli and American flags, and carried heart warming posters in support of the Jewish state across the ocean.  (Photos credit: Steve Pozner)

The parade was led by New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, along with several public officials from the city and the state. Israel was represented by its ambassador to the United Nations, Professor Gabriela Shalev, Consul General Asaf Shariv, Israel's first NBA player Omri Casspi and world boxing champion Yuri Foreman. (YNet)
National Conference of  (Jewish police officers
and detectives) Shomrim Societies
El Al Airlines flight crews marched proudly

The National Yiddish Book (& Records) Center
Israel Day Concert following the parade featured Likud speaker, MK Danny Danon. (Courtesy Hannah - who blogs at Ink Stained Hands).
"Men, women, students, children, and dogs were all there to display their pride for Israel. Both those marching and those observing waved Israeli flags and cheered. And one of the things I love most about these parades for Israel is the incredible sense of unity. There is a connection, a special bond, between all the people who show up to the parade. It does not matter who they are or how they identify themselves -- if they are religious, non-religious, Orthodox, Conservative, wearing a kippa or bareheaded, wearing a short skirt or pants -- they are all there together to show their love for Israel and the Jewish nation. And that's beautiful. Seeing all these people -- thousands of them -- together in one place and for a common cause is beautiful. I could have cried out of pride.

I spent a couple of hours at the parade and then made my way through Central Park to the Summerstage, where the Israel Day Concert was taking place. At that point, the sun came out full force and I felt myself baking in its heat. It cooled down eventually though, so I stayed for a while. There was music, dancing, and singing as everyone celebrated together."
Among the groups who marched, watch the video for the (North) American Veterans of Israel (who volunteered to defend Israel from impending Muslim onslaught in the 1948 War of Independence).   (Video credit: Alex Belikov, NYC).
Islamic-Thinkers' Society protesters signs: "
Allah is gathering all the Zionists for The Final Solution;" and
"There is no such thing as an Israeli Civilian; All supporters of Israel
are enemies of Islam"  (photo credit: Atlas Shrugs)

There are 3 Jewish TV channels in the US - Jewish Life TV (which is live, linear broadcast on cable & satellite), Shalom TV, which is free cable VOD, and The Jewish Channel (which is premium VOD).  Each of these has a website with streaming video. Yet, after 2 days past the completion of the Salute to Israel Day Parade & Concert, no live video or TV coverage of this parade. The only video dissemination of this parade were video news stories telecast by the local, NY TV news shows (for whom the parade was a backdrop to their primary interest, the announcement of Atty Gen Andrew Cuomo's candidacy for Governor). Even Israel National Radio (who live-simulcast the Concert) has no archival audio from the event available on its website.

Joo-Tube was at the parade in 2008. Here is our 20-minute video story from that parade:

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