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Parade and Concert events to mark NYC's annual Israel Day, Sunday 23 May

Tens of thousands of Americans are expected to demonstrate their support for the democratic Jewish State of Israel at the annual Salute to Israel Parade along Manhattan's Fifth Avenue on Sunday, May 23rd from 11am-4pm.

Watch Joo-Tube's videotaped reportage of the Salute to Israel Parade from 2008 here.

A post-parade, Israel Day Concert in Central Park will be held promoting Zionist pride - and the platform of preserving Jerusalem united under Israeli sovereignty. From 2:30-7:30pm. Guest Speakers:
MICHAEL STEELE, Chairman of the Republican National Committee
MK DANNY DANON, Chairman, World Likud, Deputy Speaker, Knesset
STEVE MALZBERG, Host, The Steve Malzberg Show on the WOR Radio Network
The concert and rally will be broadcast live on Israel National Radio.  Rally organizers, Drs. Joe Frager and Paul Brody, discuss their motivation and accomplishments in demonstrating such support for Judaism, Zionism, and the Israeli people.

New York's metropolitan area contains the largest diaspora population of Jews in the world. With Israel's significance as America's strongest ally (in the battle against the terrorism, as well as being the only state to guarantee rights for minorities, such as women and gays) in the Middle East - it is a shame that NY's local broadcast TV stations don't provide the Israel Parade televised coverage equivalent to what they offer to the St. Patrick's Day, Columbus Day, or even Puerto Rican Day Parades.

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