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Limmud and Jewlicious, explore Jewish-pride, religion, culture, survival

Los Angeles metro-area experiences 2 Judaic-themed happenings within 3-weeks. Check-out some of Jewlicious 4.0's name-act, Jewish-pride, musical highlights. Rav Shmuel confronts the pain of prejudice against Jews with humor, performing his "Protocols of the Elders of Zion" for the Jewlicious Festival audience. Moshav inspires Yids to "Come Back" to their motherland. Y-Love combines cultures in spiritual rap and hip-hop.

Debbie Friedman's medley of folk and freilach had the broad spectrum of gals and guys at LimmudLA turning the whole venue into a dance party.

Here are the Limmud attendence statistics:

L.A. Limmud is latest version of global learning extravaganza
By Sue Fishkoff for JTA Published: 02/19/2008
COSTA MESA, Calif. (JTA) -- It was the Karlin-Stoliner rabbis in the Havdalah congo line that had everyone buzzing.Sure, there were great workshops, spirited davening, morning yoga and late-night shmoozing, and all the other multigenerational, multidenominational, plura-palooza that Jews in the know have come to expect from the Jewish learning extravaganza known as Limmud, which made its Los Angeles debut this past weekend.But of the dozens of sessions that took place over three days -- from a midnight screening of the low-budget Chasidic zombie movie “Night of the Living Jews” to Deborah Lipstadt’s Sunday morning talk on Holocaust denial -- what stuck in the minds of many of the 650 participants was the two Chasidic guys in their long black coats and fur shtreimels.

Mrs. Deidre and Dr. Richard Sterling were among the LimmudLA participants who appreciated Israeli General (ret.) Shimon Erem explaining his boss David ben Gurion's ideology to nurture alliances with gentile friends supportive of the Jewish national refuge.

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