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How could anyone in his right mind not be on the side of Israel?

Easter gift from agnostic, Hugh Fitzgerald, published in DhimmiWatch:

The Israelis, or a majority of them, know their true situation. It is their government, from which so many Israelis are now so obviously disaffected, that refuses to know. But that government is wrong. Soberly recognizing the permanent meaning, and menace, of Islam, and acting and planning accordingly, and helping or insisting that other countries, including the United States, recognize the real nature of the threat that Israel faces, is not a counsel of despair.

Nor is helping those other countries, including the United States, to understand that the Jihad against Israel is a Lesser Jihad, one of many whose sum is the worldwide Jihad, a "struggle" by Muslims, using various instruments that go beyond, and are more effective, than terrorism, to remove all obstacles to the spread and then to the dominance of Islam.

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DemoCaster said...

This dialogue is transposed from the the original afticle's Comments:

Fairuzfan asserts and inquires:

When a minority population of European Jewish Zionists claims it has the right to wipe an Arab territory off the map without any meaningful regard for the differing sentiments of the territory's vast majority of inhabitants, creates official population transfer committes in complete obliviousness to what had been done to Jews themselves in the past, and proceeds to effectively mistreat, uproot, and dispossess over half a million innocent people, then, yes, Mr. Fitzgerald, I have every right to critique and lecture Israel on its moral transgressions, especially given that I am a person of Jewish heritage for whose purported benefit these actions were supposedly undertaken for.

If the Israel/Palestinian conflict were exactly the same as it is, only the roles of the two warring parties were exactly reversed, would you then switch allegiances to the Palestinian side? Or would Israel supporters still find a way to engage in all sorts of creative, pretzel-like, casuistric, intellectual acrobatics to find a way to support Zionist Jewry nonetheless?


Anonymous said...

Hugh Fitzgerald responds in rare form.

His response should be read in its entirety linked below. A brief excerpt is here:

If (the Jews were) to work, with a sense of triumph, for the final acceptance, all over the world, of Judaism as the dominant faith, and with Jews assuming the role that Muslims look forward to assuming themselves, then yes, I would of course be on the side of that tiny Arab state.

The reality, of course, is that Israel is the tiny besieged state, whose people are threatened by a permanent Jihad. Israel is the tiny state where, against all odds, the fantastic achievement of Israel came to be, the resurrection of the ancient Jewish commonwealth. The great Italian journalist Indro Montanelli once wrote, toward the end of his long life (he died at the age of 90) that the greatest thing to have happened during the twentieth century, through which he had lived and during which he had experienced and observed and studied so much, was the establishment of the State of Israel. And then, he added, "and possibly the only good thing to come out of the twentieth century."

Please read original responsa: