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L.A. Muslim commencement speaker mimics CUNY Law's Israel-bashing, ruining graduation for her classmates

"California student’s ‘anti-Semitic hate’ speech ruins graduation for some ‘outraged’ classmates" by Doree Lewak:

(NY Post/14 June)  The California college student who delivered incendiary “anti-Semitic hate” during a commencement speech sparked “outrage” among students in attendance with her unchallenged rhetoric. 

“The speech definitely soured my graduation,” one Jewish El Camino Community College student told The Post about his spoiled big day. “I definitely felt singled out.” 

Jana Abulaban, the 18-year-old who crammed several inflammatory anti-Israel claims into her two-minute speech to some 5,000 attendees at the Torrance, Calif., campus ceremony, included accusations that the “oppressive apartheid state of Israel” is “killing and torturing Palestinians as we speak.” 

“Part of me wanted to leave,” added the grad, who said he felt “outed.” “It just wasn’t appropriate for a speech.” 

According to a Jewish student at the ceremony, many attendees were “outraged” by the comments.

Abulaban’s speech, which closely echoed the roundly maligned CUNY Law School commencement speech by Fatima Mousa Mohammed who infamously claimed Israel was guilty of indiscriminately killing Palestinians, inspired a fresh wave of outrage.

awyer, Stacey E. Burke tweeted, “…from coast to coast, Islamist terrorist sympathizers are spreading propagandist lies about half of the world’s Jews and the one Jewish nation,” tweeted  adding, “The scary part is many are and the institutions (many of which receive both state and federal funding) are okay with it and approve it. They lie about that later if trouble arises, but they approve these words. It’s who they are and what they believe.”

Despite the smattering of enthusiastic applause from some members of the audience, Abulaban’s charged rhetoric spoiled the day for many. “From who I talked to, they were outraged that was allowed to be said,” added the student.

The gobsmacked grad told The Post he “felt uneasy” when Abulaban, a self-described “Palestinian refugee” — who was really born and raised in Jordan — launched into her hateful and “hurtful” diatribe. “I was kind of telling myself, ‘Are you kidding me? You’re using a platform that you earned as student government president to put out this message that clearly pushes further division instead of a message of inclusion.’” 

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