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Artist adapts Chanukah story (and other Jewish scripture) impressively into gifts and cards sold at I.A.C.'s Celebrate Israel Fest in L.A.

At the Israeli-American Council's revived Celebrate Israel Festival in May, we discovered Jewish-American micrographer, Rae Antonoff exhibiting her adaptations of various Hebrew scripture into contextual designs. 

She writes the letters to fit with the context stories of her painting. Antonov. She sells finished prints as posters and greeting cards on her website "RaeAn Designs" and also takes-on custom design projects.

Handwritten menorah

Here, she handwrites the Hebrew scripture of the Scroll of Antiochus (Megillat Antiochus) which provides an historical account of the Maccabean revolt commemorated by Chanukah. Chanukah cards are like Christmas cards. Chanukah begins at sunset December 18th for 8 days til Boxing Day, December 25.

Rae says of the pomegranate tree (below): "When I lived in Israel there was a pomegranate tree outside my balcony so I studied it intently - while I was trying to avoid doing homework!" 

Question: What kind of words or what phrases did he spell? 

Antonoff: This one is it I started at the beginning of Psalms so it's Psalms 1 through 18. and I just started at the beginning and I wanted to see how many Psalms I could fit in as I edit just ended up being 18 and it was too perfect because that's chai!"


A look at how Rae's cursive Hebrew
becomes menorah candles

RaeAn Designs produces both calligraphy and micrographic imagery. She sell directly through her website.

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