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Confronting anti-Israelism among Progressive press, Larry Elder earns respect among Jewish Democrats

How accurate and fair is the media reportage regarding the Jewish State of Israel - and the Palestinian narrative of their being a persecuted, occupied  country?  The Jewish National Fund held a forum on this topic at its annual Los Angeles breakfast in November, 2017.

J.N.F.'s Executive Director in  Los Angeles, Lou Rosenberg: "Today was our 12th annual
breakfast for Israel. This is an event that's grown from 50 people to over 1200 people and today's subject was media bias in Israel. I think we offered a very thought-provoking subject with two keynote speakers - one Chemi Shalev who came in from Israel and represent Ha'aretz magazine and Larry Elder who's a national radio talk show host." 

Larry Elder debated Chemi Shalev, Barak Lurie moderator
Larry Elder is a Libertarian, syndicated by Salem Media, and Chemi Shalev, is a Liberal, U.S. editor and political correspondent for Ha'aretz- Israeli English-language newspaper online. J.N.F. board member, Barak Lurie, Esq, moderated the discussion.

JooTube: "What do you think about the comments from the audience where you thought where there were people who felt that it Israel is not getting a biased reportage - themselves living in the United States - reading the same media that you and I do?"

Attorney, Barak Lurie moderated the discussion

Barak Lurie:  "I think that most America is a unique animal of course and so I think that they don't realize and I think even we don't realize that the give-and-take that we have politically here in America is far greater than just about anywhere else in the world our sense of freedom of press is much stronger. Even having said that though I think that we do have some balance issues especially when it comes to Israel - that to me and my personal opinion is that Israel does not get the fair shake that it deserves. I'm hoping that it's getting better over the years with the advent of social media and so many different more forms of news outlets - so that's a good sign."

Salem Radio's Larry Elder debates Ha'aretz U.S. Editor Chemi Shalev at the Beverly Hilton, presented by Jewish National Fund of Greater L.A., exec dir., Lou Rosenberg. Moderated by attorney, Barak Lurie in November 2017.


Larry Elder makes the argument of how the international press is unjust prejudiced in reporting about Israel and the jihad against her.

Larry Elder discusses his experience pleading the case of mainstream media bias against Israel at the Jewish National Fund of L.A.'s winter breakfast.

JooTube: When people heard KRLA, which is a conservative talk host, there was probably a knee-jerk reaction within the first, let me say, the majority of the audience that well he's going to be conservative but once they started hearing your perspectives all of a sudden people started applauding and changing their view!

Elder: Well that was nice!  I'm really not a conservative, I'm a Libertarian - I believe in states rights,  I believe in Article 1 Section 8 of the Constitution. And that most of the things that we debate and fight over should be handled at the state level - whether it's abortion, whether it's the war on drugs whether it's doctor-assisted suicide, whether it's same-sex marriage, all these things (in my opinion) should be done on a state-by-state basis. If most of the people in the room who are left-wing were to have a conversation with me for about 10 minutes I suspect that it they'd be agreeing with me almost at least 50 percent of the time!

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