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Libertarian, FreedomFest conference session on Israel's economics jumps the rails

Steve Forbes chats with John Stossel as Mark Skousen gathers FreedomFest '17 speakers for a group photo
The panel at the libertarian, FreedomFest '17 Conference, "Capitalism vs Socialism: Which Way, Israel?" got a bit testy when former president of the Arab Bankers Association of North America, Ziad Abdelnour, changed the direction from the examining of Israel's maturation from Socialism to Capitalism - into chiding Israel for not resolving the Arab-Israeli Conflict. Panel moderator Gene Epstein (Barron's magazine columnist) called on Ziad less after this- giving more time to co-panelists George Gilder, co-founder of Discovery Institute, author/radio commentator Michael Medved, and author Rabbi Daniel Lapin. 

The following video is a compilation of Mr. Abdelnour's speaking opportunities.

Michael Medved reacts to Mr. Abdelnour's conduct on the panel. 

Rabbi Daniel Lapin shares his views on the donnybrook and the group of anti-Zionists who support Mr. Abdelnour's critical views.

George Gilder (author "The Israel Test") explains the Lebanese financier's performance and defends Israel against anti-Israelism from Christians and Muslims. 

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