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Anti-Israelism remains a barrier in LGBTQ Pride marches

Jill Raney, a  DC Dyke March organizer and member of IfNotNow, and
Blake Flayton, a Jewish activist, debate the overarching symbolism of the
Israeli flag and Pride flag with the Star of David. (photo: Moment)

The D.C. Dyke March barred the Jewish pride flag. This LGBTQ space no longer feels safe.

 NBC News.com on Monday, 
10 June published an op/ed by Mr. Khen Massig, who self-identifies as a queer Mizrahi Jew: 

"Just as I did not choose to be gay, I did not choose my ethnicity. But now, the organizers of a queer march held in Washington on Friday are telling me that I should be ashamed of where I was born, my nationality and that I am Jewish. In solidarity with the Palestinians and to create a safe space for them, the D.C. Dyke March banned “nationalist symbols” from countries with “oppressive tendencies,” in particular Israeli flags. This included the Star of David superimposed on a rainbow pride flag, which the organizers considered evocative of the Israeli flag, though Palestinian flags were allowed. 
.  .  .

Delegitimizing the state’s entire existence due to its embodiment of Jewish self-determination makes no sense. I too am very critical of my country’s government, as are many of my compatriots in this vibrant democracy. However, despite its imperfections, Israel is still the most free country in the Mideast. 

The idea that we should boycott an entire country’s people due to the objectionable policies of their government is unacceptable, misguided and harmful to both myself and LGBTQ+ Israelis, a community in need of and deserving of support. 

I implore progressives and LGBTQ+ activists who have joined this campaign to think twice. It’s a vile effort designed by a coalition of anti-Zionist organizations to manipulate others into fighting their own political war against Israel. 

Ultimately, their agenda runs counter to everything LGBTQ+ activism stands for — ostracizing an LGBTQ+ community that has made progress in its pursuit of its own equality, defending a society that truly oppresses LGBTQ+ individuals and hijacking people’s good-faith efforts to expand the rights of the LGBTQ+ community worldwide. This is the true definition of pinkwashing." 

On Sunday, Mr. Aryeh Mavazy, led "Jewish Queers Int'l" marching in the L.A. Gay Pride Parade. He discussed the hypocrisy of banning of Israeli flag derivatives, such as the rainbow Jewish star flags by the Dyke Marches.

Rob the Realtor mans the Pulse Foundation signature wall at the LA Pride Parade in the wake of L.A. Pride's anti-Trump, Resist March. While LGBT activism professes pursuit of tolerance for all, for some people, it seemed to end at the Log Cabin Republicans booth.

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