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Israeli Dr. Mordechai Kedar shocks Florida faculty's Two-State advocates with realpolitik, Palestinian Emirates / Eight-State Solution

Israeli, Dr. Mordechai Kedar stuns a scoffing, liberal academic audience with his expertise in genuine peace for Arabs (and possibly even Jews). Dr. Kedar is one of the foremost Arabic-speaking Israeli experts on Palestinian and Islamic social structures, culture, and the political discourse of Arab countries.

On May 2nd, as the Florida Atlantic University community was pre-occupied with graduation ceremonies, the Florida-Israel Institute (directed by Prof. Daniel Raviv) presented "Why is the Middle East so Problematic?" - by Arabist scholar, Dr. Mordechai Kedar. 

Dr. Kedar believes that as the natural organization of Muslim, Middle East societies is tribal (e.g., Iraq, Syria, Libya, Kurdistan), that peace with Jews (and other Muslim tribes) can best be guaranteed for all when autonomous governance is organized by tribes, instead of politicians'-sought, artificial "national" boundaries. 

He posits that an eight-state solution much better reflects the sociology of the Middle East. He suggests the eight Palestinian city-states should be Gaza, Jenin, Nablus, Ramallah, Jericho, Tulkarm, Kalkilya and the Arab part of Hebron, all of which possess traditional tribal leadership structures capable of transitioning to a self-governing Emirate.

Geographically, each Emirate would govern its city and surrounding land. Each state could independently decide their own form of government, make their own laws, educate their own people, and print their own currency if they wish, have their own media, and develop their own industry and commerce.

"The eight-state solution is based on the sociology of the Middle East, which has the tribe as the major corner stone of society. We should follow this characteristic of Middle Eastern culture as the basis for the Israeli-Palestinian solution,” Kedar declared. 

“Hamas started an emirate in Gaza, which is a full state. They have a judiciary, education ministry, army, police, industry, etc. They have everything a state needs. They are a state.”

Kedar does not believe that it is realistic for Gaza to ever be reunited with the West Bank, as the history, culture and tribes are entirely different. In fact, Kedar stresses that even the tribes that populate Hebron, Jericho, Ramallah, Nablus, Tulkarem, Qalqilyah and Jenin are very different from each other, even though all of these cities are located within the West Bank.  A Palestinian woman from Ramallah, for example, would seldom marry a member of a rival tribe located in Nablus. 

Kedar stresses that the idea of a nation-state as it exists in Europe is alien to Middle Eastern culture. He says, "​This solution might prevent a new Palestinian state turning like Gaza, into an Islamic terror state, and thus, minimize its potential threats on Israel, on the region and on the world at large."

To a full lecture hall audience of faculty, students and Zionistic community, Dr. Kedar answered questions regarding his Palestinian Emirates proposal. 

Dr. Kedar responded to JooTube's query, how much faith do you place in Trump's Deal of the Century?

Dr. Kedar's  North American speaking tour will bring him to Los Angeles on Wednesday and Thursday this week, then onto the East Coast and Toronto. 

What do people on here (who actually wish to see the continued existence of the Jewish people in their homeland) think about this perspective?

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