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Rabbi Lionel Rosenfeld at AIPAC offers a British perspective on our common challenges - and solutions

As fashion trends typically migrate from Europe's capitals to across the world, British Rabbi Lionel Rosenfeld offers a sentry's perspective on the socio-political challenges Jewry faces. 

The challenges confronting British Jewry, as all European Jews today face, are formidable. The anti-Semitism in the Labour Party has many British Jews worried about their future in that society. The anti-Semitic activism in London has become so ominous that the Western Marble Arch Synagogue in central London congregation, at the recommendation of city officials, have removed all Jewish identifying signage from the outside of the edifice. 
British Rabbi Lionel Rosenfeld remarks upon end of AIPAC Policy Conference

What motivated Marble Arch's Senior Rabbi Lionel Rosenfeld to traverse the Atlantic Ocean as the sole, orthodox British rabbi at the AIPAC Policy Conference for the past three, consecutive years?  

In this exclusive video interview, Rabbi Rosenfeld, the successor to Lord Rabbi Jonathan Sacks at the tony, London institution, shares both what impressed him at AIPAC, and his European perspectives on North America's, Israel's, and the European Jewish situation. 

(Part 1)

An optimistic tone at the 2018 AIPAC convention was felt during the final-year of the Republican-dominated House of Representatives term - before several 2019-appointed congresswomen (Ilhan Omar, Rachel Tlaib, and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez) introduced "Zionophobia" (a term coined by Prof. Judea Pearl) to the Democrat-dominated House this year. 

(Part 2)

How might Israeli defense against Hamas or their weaponizer, Iran, be visited upon diaspora Jewish communities? Fascists stoke anti-Israelism, he claims, which the BBC amplifies - deserving loud objection from the public. Rabbi Rosenfeld expounds on this in Part 3 of our interview. 

(Part 3)

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