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Viewers' favorite video news story of 2017 - vote now

From Hanukah to Hanukah, the transition year from the Obama/Clinton administration to President Trump's has been busy with news affecting Jews. Much of our work now goes into curating relevant news on JooTube's Facebook page. We also publish some video news exclusively on the JewTube YouTube channel. Still, America's first Jewish video magazine  completed our 8th year of producing original video news reportage of Jewish identity, spirituality, culture, politics and security. Voters have whittled down from 8 quarter-finalists to the four finalists for JooTube's original video news story of 2017.  Now it's up to you to choose what you think ought to be the favorite video of the year. 

Jews stand up to Arab antagonizing on JDL side of AIPAC

(A) AIPAC Conference encourages global attendees to dialogue;  Islamo-Marxist protesters prefer guerrilla tactics. Two,  Jewish defenders provoked, arrested; D.C. Police's role?

Sandy Koufax and Shawn Green at Dodger Stadium

(B) National League Champion L.A. Dodgers' Jewish connection - the field, fans, franks (now kosher), and their front-office management.
Palestinian who sucker-punched his brother at prior rally taunts
young Iranian-Jew with megaphone, seeks police protection

(C) Sons of Jews expelled by Arab anti-Semitism spoil Palestinians' Nakba (Catastrophe of Israeli Independence) Day protest at Israeli Consulate in L.A. 

D) Tauntings and defacing
Worship at Living Torah Centre in Santa Monica gets invaded
by liberal, Jew-haters; window smeared with poop.
Neighbors rallied with shul, but congregants who fled
Jew-hatred in prior countries worried by Democrat policies
of liberal, Santa Monica synagogue draw empathy, but hints of European nightmare memories for some who fled.

Make your selection below and /or on JooTube's Facebook page. Vote now, because voting will conclude soon. 

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