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Israeli TV- an American success story?- Israel Film Festival debuts Mossad 101- action-suspense series' 2nd season premiere

C.A.A. TV's Adam Berkowitz (left) moderated discussion among Israelis and
Americans involved. Panelists include (l to r) Mossad actor Tsakhi Halevi,
Udi Segal (Sumayoko), Michael Gordon (C.A.A.), Danna Stern, YES Network
VP Channels and Pgmg; TV writer David Shore ("House," "The Good Doctor")
(Photo: Guy D. Gazit) 
Israel's Fauda (Netflix) and Reshet 13's action drama television series Mossad 101 had their world and U.S. second season premieres, respectively, at this year’s 31st Israel Film Festival in Los Angeles, each followed by a television panel featuring creators and talent from the shows. The events were held last week at Laemmle's Ahrya Fine Arts Theatre in Beverly Hills. 

In “Mossad 101” (“Hamidrasha” Hebrew for “The Academy”) cadets from every level of Israeli society undergo intense training to join their country’s elite, classified intelligence service, the Mossad. Two-years ago, Israel Film Festival organizer Meir Fenigstein (drummer in "Ha Lehakah" 1977 and band "Poogy") introduced "Fauda" to American audiences- which led to C.A.A. selling the subtitled action/suspense series' rights to Netflix.   This year, the Fest debuted the 2nd season opener to Israeli series "Mossad 101," which Adam Berkowitz of C.A.A. TV intends to sell the format rights to internationally.

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The November 15th "Mossad 101" screening was followed by a live, “Israeli TV: An American Success Story” television panel, sponsored by Reshet Media was held which included moderator Adam Berkowitz, TV honcho at Creative Artists Agency along with C.A.A. Formats agent Michael Gordon; David Shore (TV writer, "House," "The Good Doctor"); actor Tsahi Halevi (in both "Mossad 101" and "Fauda"); and Sumayoko executive producer Udi Segal.

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