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Clubhouse Wars- reformed Democrats' struggles against liberal bigotry in Florida's retirement communities

(Photo Credit: Reuters via JPost)
The Democratic Party at Prayer The Problem with the "Jewish Vote"  by  Jonathan Bronitsky in City Journal, Oct 25 
Every presidential election produces a series of articles probing and prophesizing about the so-called “Jewish vote.” This year has been no different, with most observers agreeing that the majority of Jewish-Americans will vote Democratic.

Why are the ballots cast by Jewish-Americans, just 2 percent of the population, of such importance to politicians (and would-be politicians)? First, relative to their community’s small size, Jews contribute a disproportionate amount of money to political candidates and causes.
They give half of the funds received by the Democratic Party and one quarter of the funds received by the Republican Party, according to American history professor Gil Troy. Second, many Jews live in the swing states of Florida (846,700 of 19.9 million), Pennsylvania (324,700 of 12.8 million), Ohio (173,700 of 11.6 million), and Michigan (105,200 of 9.9 million). And third, Jews tout a stellar turnout record—80 percent, on the word of several sources.

Indeed, the Pew Research Center’s landmark 2013 survey, “A Portrait of Jewish-Americans,” found that caring about Israel was vital to Jewish identity for approximately half of Jews aged 65 and older. By contrast, only about a third of Jews under the age of 30 expressed that same sentiment. It’s also estimated that Jews constitute at least 20 percent of the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions Movement. And take what you will from this: American Jewry was virtually split down the middle over the Iran nuclear deal. Perhaps more strikingly, Jewish support for the deal was 20 percentage points higher than for Americans overall. 
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Mr. Alan Gordon leads a weekly seniors' Current-Affairs discussion group at a Jewish Community Center in Palm Beach County. The group of transplanted, northeasterners are predominantly Democrat. Mrs. Joanne Mindes points out that the group members are commonly influenced by the liberal, pro-Palestinian bias of the mainstream press. They diminish the importance of Israel, despite it being used as a rallying-cause by the multicultural Left against Jewish-America. We bring you video from a meeting of the group on Primary Day in March 2016.

Retired Bronx Principal Alan Bergstein writes Op/Ed's in the Jewish Voice of New York. Former regional representative of the Zionist Organization of America, he is an expert on liberal fascism towards conservatives and Republicans. When a local synagogue hosted a campaign event for then Sen. Obama, synagogue members prohibited him from entering and had him detained by a number of policemen. He describes the social discrimination liberals have for those expressing conservative views and his crusade to represent Jewish interests against Judaism's Islamo-Marxist enemies throughout the world. 

Miriam Levine's shows-off daughter
Risa's photo with Hillary in the WashPost
Mrs. Levine, a snowbird from New Jersey, is asked how, as a liberal advocate of Jewish expression and safety, she supports Hillary Clinton- in the face of her demonstrated bias against Israel's safety against Iran, and advancing the interests of Islamism in Libya, Syria, and anti-Semitic Muslim immigration to the U.S.

Glenn, who used to be a liberal in the music-industry, explains how now he only socializes among people who share his Republican political views of the Obama/Clinton administration- and why he now supports Donald Trump for President.

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