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Islamist violence stings Zionistic-Christian community; Muslim co-worker shoots "Messianic Jewish" mentor among 31-shot in SoCal "sudden jihad" massacre

 Syed Farook and Pakistani bride, Tashfeen Malik 
Pakistanis burn Israeli & American flags (file photo)
"What begins against the Jews never ends with just the Jews."

San Bernadino, California "instant jihadist" attackers, Syed Farook, 28, and Tashfeen Malik, 27, were killed in a gun battle with police in 
San Bernardino after their mass shooting at a conference center with some of his work-mates. Some neighbors considered the ethnic Pakistani couple as normal, though another noticed an odd number of package delivers and Muslim visitors working in their garage. She reportedly said that fear of being called "racist" inhibited her from reporting her suspicions to authorities.

Police said 14 people were killed and 21 were wounded after the married couple opened fire at the Inland Regional Center on Wednesday, December 2nd.

Among the casualties was Farook's colleague, Nicholas Thalasinos, 52, a Messianic Jew who reportedly clashed with Farook over Islam two weeks ago.

Messianics, Jennifer & Nicholas Thalasinos
Read more in the Daily Mail: 

Nicholas, a fervent Zionist (who would wear tzitzit, and a tie-clip with the Star of David) would defend Israel against jihadist antagonists on Facebook. He corresponded with an Israeli friend of JooTube, Bat-Zion Susskind telling her: "As a gentile who loves HaShem, I know my place is to support Israel and the Jewish people." 

Ms. Susskind writes: "Nicholas fought against those who were proselytizing and making every effort to convince Jews that theirs is the right way! Nicholas was an amazing human being who supported Israel UNCONDITIONALLY, a Pro-Zionist, a sincere and honest man without any agenda who defended Israel and the Jewish people at any given moment."

Thalasinos' last public Facebook post, written just hours before the shooting, mentioned receiving a threatening message related to Israel. The threat included the words "You will die soon." In the post he defended Israel, and emphasized his pride at being labeled a Jew.  

His friend, Kuuleme Stephens said that though they would debate Islam and Israel, Thalasinos did not believe his co-worker, Syed Farook, would ever turn violent. FBI agents discovered a huge arsenal – including nearly 5,000 rounds of ammunition, a dozen pipe bombs and hundreds of tools for making IEDs at the couple’s home. It also emerged that Farook was in touch by phone and through social media with more than one international terrorism subject.   

Messianic Jews are Christians who adopt Jewish religious practices, but maintain belief in the Trinity and Jesus/Yeshua as Moshiach. 

Michael Medved responded to JewTube's question at the Orthodox Union West Coast Conference this week- regarding Islamic anti-Semitism as a factor in Farook's killing his work trainer, Thalasinos- and Jewish demoninations' need to address Islamic anti-Semitism. 

For the past number of years, the Zionistic Christian group, Proclaiming Justice Among the Nations, hosts a joint Jewish/Christian event at the National Religious Broadcasters Convention in Nashville. Topics include showing their devotion to Israel and opposing anti-Semitism. The meetings attract Christians, Jews, and Messianic-Jews of varying degrees.
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Also in this video playlist are Rabbi Ken Spero of JerusalemU and Judean terror-survivor and author Mayor David Rubin.

In March of 2015, PJTN's Laurie Cardoza-Moore invited Amb. John Bolton to address the Obama vs Netanyahu clash over Iran nuclear weaponizing policy.

PJTN member Mr. John Golden and Israeli publisher of "Holy Lands," magazine Izhak Shani react to the Israeli Tourism Board's presentation of Christian Israel history and Tourism Ministry's MK Uzi Landau's inspiring farewell speech. 

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