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"Iran proposition is not over!" Demonstrators at NY Sen. Gillibrand's office send a message to backers of JCPOA

Stop Iran Rally at NY Senator Kirsten Gillibrand’s office in Manhattan. Speakers included Sen. Joseph Liberman, Sen. Lindsay Graham, and Center for Security Policy's Frank Gaffney and CIA-vet, Fred Fleitz. Mr. Fleitz discovered the side-deals which the administration won't show the Congress. In the final speech of the video, Mr. Fleiss accuses the Obama administration of national security fraud
Video of the Stop Iran Rally 

A view of the demonstrators from Ruptly's rip of RT's feed. 

Iran Pact's Secret Side Deals: A National Security Fraud  

by Fred Fleitz (rally speaker) in Investors Business Daily 8/31/15

... The side deals are almost certainly a U.S. initiative to quietly drop the PMD issue by separating it from the nuclear agreement and placing it in a secret IAEA-Iran agreement that the American people and Congress cannot see. 

 As such, the side deals violate the requirements of the Corker-Cardin bill (the Iran Nuclear Agreement Review Act), which requires that the administration provide to Congress all documents associated with the Iran nuclear agreement — including all side agreements. 

The secret side deals amount to national security fraud by the Obama administration. There are many reasons for members of Congress to vote against the Iran deal, but it's hard to see how anyone in Congress can vote for it in light of this deliberate attempt by the Obama administration to conceal from Congress its effort to drop a crucial benchmark needed to verify Iran's compliance with the agreement. 

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