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Israelis celebrate Mimouna in L.A. with Sephardic superstar, Avihu Medina

Mimouna, the traditional festival celebrated by North African Jews on the last day of Passover, is often overlooked when discussing the Jewish holiday of liberation.  Sephardic songwriter/singer, Avihu Medina performed last Mimouna in Los Angeles and believes he found a little too-much Tel Aviv there- instead of in Tel Aviv.

In this JewTube exclusive video, Mr. Medina and some of the attendees share their views about the occasion.  Watch:

Jewish communities outside of North Africa would also celebrate the end of Passover with similar traditions: the Iraqis customarily went out into nature and took a dip in the Tigris. The Persians also went out into nature. In Egypt, Israel and Turkey, the Jews celebrated the opening of a new year. "- "Ten things you didn't know about Mimouna" by Cafe Gibraltar, +972, April 10, 2015 

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