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Israeli electorate resists Obama-control

Israeli Election Update: Netanyahu’s Conservative Party Opens Wide Lead by Daniel Greenfield in FrontPage Mag
With 57 percent of the votes counted, Netanyahu’s conservative Likud Party has opened a major lead against the left’s un-Zionist Camp with 32 seats in Israel’s Knesset parliament against 24 for the Labor left. This is a major shift from exit polls showing a virtual tie. These numbers can and will change, but it’s certainly a promising development. The Muslim-Communuist United Arab List falls to fourth place.
Why the Israeli election results are great news for Netanyahu, in one chart by Zack Beauchamp March 17, 2015 in Vox.com

Caroline Glick was on the Mark Levin Show tonight explaining that Bibi Netanyahu really did win the election today in Israel and that he will be the only one who can form a coalition to run the Knesset. She also talks about how American money was used to bring out the Arab vote but explains how it backfired and gave Bibi the win. It’s a great interview. Listen:

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