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MK Uzi Landau addresses substantial Christian market at media convention, NRB

Aaron's shofar blast calls Jesus and friends to a photo opp; Orlando's "The Holy Land Experience at the TBN booth

Israeli Tourism execs, Haim Gutman, MK Uzi Landau meet with tour staff
At the National Association of Religious Broadcasters, Israelis meet with Christians to promote the support of the Holy Land - culturally through tourism and socially through rallying Christian (comprising more than half of Israeli tourist business)  support. Haim Gutin, Israel's Tourism Ministry ("IMOT") Commissioner for North & South America, , clarified Israel's travel picture for us.

Israel's Tourism Ministry usually dominates the Israeli presence at NRB. U.S. Dir. Haim Gutin, Cabinet Minister for Tourism Dr. Uzi Landau, Deputy Oren Drori,
El Al Airlines US President Danny Saadon on panel.

"BDS in Tourism" M.K. Uzi Landau addresses politics of Israeli tourism at NRB Nashville, Feb 24, '14  

What position ought the government take in encouraging tourists to visit sites in Judea and Samaria? Who gets their business once they get around Arab areas? Tour guide operator, Amnon Weigler, explains the dilemma:

How will Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyau's speech to Congress the following week influence the 2015 National Religious Broadcasters convention, reconvening February 23-26 in Nashville, Tennessee?

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