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Israeli venture market on display by The Israel Conference in Los Angeles

The Israel Conference is a business conference across two days in Los Angeles that features the CEOs of companies that are innovating and are designing in Israel with products that reach the global market.  From multi-national firms through emerging growth and early stage, we bring together leading technology innovators and investors in High Tech / Media and Entertainment / TV / Film / Advertising / Mobile / Content / Gaming / Cloud / eCommerce / Financial Innovation / Security / Automotive / Clean Tech / Medical Tech / Consumer Products / Design coming out of Israel that are market-making and in demand.  

Conference moderator, Oded Vardi explains what he feels The Israel Conference provides its audience, its investors, and its companies.

The Israel Conference director, Sharona Justman, introduces Frank Williams, a gentile, UC Irvine student who leads business development trips to Israel.
Over 700 business executives will attend on Thursday October 30, 2014 and Friday October 31, 2014 in Los Angeles to meet leaders of significant businesses that do business in Israel and investors in Israeli companies.  The opportunities for new business are endless and exciting. Speakers represent the spirit of the inventiveness of the Israel market.  Attendees gain an insider’s understanding of the growth of both public and privately-held Israel-facing companies. www.TheIsraelConference.org    310-445-5388   Sixth Year!  More than a business conference, Israel Conference is an experience!

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