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AIPAC Policy Conference addresses U.S. foreign policy and its effect on freedom and safety

Franco Frattini, Italy's former Foreign Minister joined Canada's Foreign Minister John Baird on the AIPAC Policy Conference mainstage with Robert Satloff (Center for Defense of Democracies) to explain the threat Iran and Islamist terror pose beyond Israel. 

Consecutive video clips from the AIPAC main stage:  Elliot Abrams and Dennis Ross with Frank Sesno;

Amb. Michael Oren with Frank Sesno 

Rep. Eric Cantor (R-VA) on the main stage; 

US Medal of Honor recipient veteran Sgt. Major Ken Stumpf relates perceptions visiting I.D.F. 

US Medal of Honor, Lt. Col. Hon. Alfred Rascon shares his experience from Israel 


Breakout session:  Analyzing American power in the Mid-East under Obama administration's policies and actions in the wake of the post-Arab Spring. 

Former AIPAC president, David Victor moderates panel presentations by: Robert Satloff, Executive Director of Center for Defense of Democracies; Wall St. Journal's Bret Stephens; Ha'aretz military analyst Amos Harel, conveying his country's view of the Middle East in view of the upheaval in Syria and Egypt. 

Far-leftist, anti-Israel demonstrators were again present. The notorious Code:Pink's Medea Benjamin antagonized AIPAC attendees shouting agitprop through a loud P.A. system.  We inquired what information were they shaping their criticisms by.  Only a few AIPAC attendees challenged them.  We followed one young man who did, and then engaged them directly.  Their answers (in this playlist) may surprise you.

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