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British wedding-video imbroglio exposes European Jews plight amidst failures to thwart anti-Israelism from philo-Islamic media

Israeli dancing was described as 'mental'  in the
cameraman's vile remarks (Photo: Eve Standard)
While it's understood that mistreating one's restaurant waiter might backfire with a spiteful tampering with one's food in the kitchen, the notion of disillusioning other service-providers (whether through disrespect or under-payment) is too often forgotten.  Whether its a doctor's office or videographer we must trust to care for our precious needs, resentment and spite can be a detrimental dynamic.  

When a gentile wedding videographer perceives that a yuppie  couple is splurging on other services, but skimping on his videographic efforts, and his resentment- evident on the audio track of the wedding day recording- there might be trouble with his effort. 

Compound his feeling of being underpaid with the offenders being better-off, but culturally lesser Jews, exacerbated by 2-decades of tolerated anti-Israel/ anti-Semitic fomenting by the British (and European) media (with insufficient rectifying by the Jewish establishment) we wind-up with an imbroglio spread across the pages of British newspapers.  Are Britain's minority, affluent Jews the undeserved victims of this anti-Semitic brouhaha?  Is this a product of the families' conduct? Should they know to only hire their own kind?  Or is it a manifestation of years of failure to redress anti-Semitic reportage of Israel-Palestine conflict?  And how will the claim (and exposure) of anti-Semitic treatment from the videographer affect future treatment of British Jews and allegations of anti-Semitism?

Watch the video, courtesy of the Jewish Chronicle.

A Jewish bride and antisemitic wedding video" Original article by Sandy Rashty, Jewish Chronicle, Oct 10, 2013

'Not a very attractive bride at all': Newlywed's horror at anti-Semitic rant caught on cameraman's video during Jewish wedding he was recording. Daily Mail
  • Stan and Claudia Gocman say film 'completely ruined memories of our day'

  • Anthony Aurelius sent unedited video to couple of their Jewish wedding 

  • When asked about the Holocaust he said: 'I don't think I blame Hitler for Holocaust' 
  • Muslim assistant replied, "That's why Holocaust"

  • Branded guests 'f****** cows' and called Jews 'meanest people in the world'

  • Cameraman has written to apologise and sent a full refund after incident
"Wedding video ruined by cameraman's anti Semitic rant" Daily Telegraph

A newly married couple were shocked when they requested a copy of video footage of their wedding day and it included the cameraman’s anti Semitic rant and criticism of the bride.

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