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The history and future of the reunified Jerusalem at the 46th Jerusalem Day

It was the picture seen around the world. From the IDF B log
In June 1967, David Rubinger, a press photographer in Israel, followed IDF forces that were fighting to liberate the Old City of Jerusalem. At the Western Wall, three IDF soldiers posed for a photograph. They were Zion Karasanti, Yitzhak Yifat and Haim Oshri. While their names are not famous, their faces have become a symbol of the reunification of Jerusalem. 

To mark the 46th anniversary of that day — the 28th of Iyar on the Hebrew calendar — we found the three men from the photograph and asked them to share a few memories from the special day. Read more

A tribute to the Miracle of 1967 (with thanks to cinevisionusa, infolive.tv and aish.com) (Video: Gila and Drew)

From his Jerusalem electronics shop, this 15th-generation Jewish Jerusalemite sage shares his views on Israel's situation - and her value to the west in keeping global jihad in check.

Jerusalem schoolboy leads baby brother into Jewish kindergarden

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