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Celebrate the Jewish Valentine's Day - Tu b'Av - with The Moshav Band, Blue Fringe, and Rav Shmuel

The Torah says "and He will love you" (v'ahavcha) (Devarim/ Deut. 7:13). The 15th day of Av (Tu b' Av in the Hebrew calendar - this year on August 2nd) has become a Jewish Valentine's Day and a popular day for weddings, proposals and romantic dates.

Jconnect Tu b'Av LoveFest 2009 from DemoCast on Vimeo.
Performances by Blue Fringe, Rav Shmuel, The Moshav Band,
hosts Rabbi Yonah and DJ Eric Rosen

Julie Wiener questions the precepts in How to Date Like a "Shiksa" in The New York Jewish Week, 8/8/

“Avi Roseman,” the pen name of a 26-year-old single woman has written and self-published  “Secrets of Shiksa Appeal: 8 Steps to Attract Your Shul Mate (iUniverse).
The gist of her missive (which opens with “I once drove a boyfriend into the arms of a shiksa”) is that gentile women know better than Jewesses how to entice male members of the Tribe — and instead of complaining about “shiksas stealing our men,” Jewish women can “learn from them and prevent them from doing that in the first place.”

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