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L.A. Jewish Film Festival enables audiences to learn the intentions behind films from the filmmakers and actors

Elliot Gould & Sara Rue
The L.A. Jewish Film Festival last night concluded its week of screenings throughout the city with Jewish themed, "Dorfman," starring Sara Rue and Elliot Gould.

Actors and filmmakers spoke following several screenings during the festival, including Dr. Iddo Netanyahu, the brother of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Entebbe rescue-hero, Yoni Netanyahu, who flew in from Israel for the premiere of "Cohen on the Bridge," following the shiva for his father Benzion, the patriarch of the Netanyahu family.

Dr. Netanyahu appeared in and contributed his brother's letters to "Follow Me: the Yoni Netanyahu Story."  He also assisted in the producing of the Entebbe-rescue, animated adventure, "Cohen on the Bridge," whose director, Andrew Wainrib, accompanies Dr. Netanyahu in this post-screening discussion, which Rob Eshman of the Jewish Journal moderates.

Jonathan Tobin describes the legacy of Benzion Netanyahu in Commentary Magazine, which is worth reading in its entirety: 
As with other veterans of the pre-state Zionist movement, Benzion Netanyahu deserves the gratitude of the Jewish people for his labors. As the representative of Jabotinsky’s movement in the United States during World War Two, the Polish native who had moved to Palestine during his youth is credited with helping to persuade the Republican Party to adopt in 1944 an unprecedented pro-Zionist platform plank that caused the Democrats to follow suit. But he deserves just as much, if not more credit for his work as a scholar of Jewish history. And it is here, as much as in his embrace of Jabotinsky’s vision of a secure, liberal and democratic Jewish state in all of historic Palestine that his influence is felt.

Pete Hammond, awards columnist and movie historian at Deadline Hollywood, moderated a panel of female co-stars at the West-Coast premiere of the biography of Bernie Schwartz: "Tony Curtis- Driven to Stardom." Panelists include Sally Kellerman, Mimi van Doren, Marian Collier ("Some Like it Hot" bassist), and Mr. Curtis' widow, Jill Curtis.

David Suissa, of the L.A. Jewish Journal, moderated a post-screening discussion with "The Price of Kings" series "Shimon Peres" and "Yasser Arafat" installments director Richard Symons; and Andrew Wainrib, producer of Israeli rescue at Entebbe animated drama, "Cohen on the Bridge."

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