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Andrew Breitbart: Don't leave Israel's safety in Barack Obama's hands

Andrew Breitbart on Israel under Obama Democrat administration
Andrew Breitbart: Obama's harsh treatment of Netanyahu manifests his anti-Israelist indoctrination; Obama proved untrustworthy for Israel's security.

Israel National News reported today, "Netanyahu to Demand Obama Commit to Military Action in Iran."  Prime Minister Netanyahu will demand that President Barack Obama commit to a strike on Iran if sanctions fail, say sources.
Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu will press U.S. President Barack Obama for an explicit threat of military action against Iran if sanctions fail and Tehran's nuclear program advances beyond specified “red lines,” it was reported on Thursday. 
According to the British Guardian, Netanyahu is expected to raise the issue during his meeting on Monday at the White House with Obama. 
The report quoted diplomats as having said that Israel is angered by the Obama administration's public disparaging of early military action against Iran, saying that it weakens the prospect of Tehran taking the warnings from Israel seriously. 
While the two sides are attempting to agree on a joint public statement to paper over the divide, the Guardian noted, the talks will not be made easier by a deepening distrust in which the Israelis question Obama's commitment to confront Iran. 
One diplomatic source was quoted as having told the Guardian that Netanyahu and Obama “are poles apart.”
Jewish Conservative activist, Andrew Breitbart, believed that Pres. Barack Obama, under the anti-Israelist tutelage of Orientalist Prof. Edward Said, can not be trusted to provide security for the Jewish state of Israel. In June, 2011, Mr. Breitbart told JooTube that the pro-Palestinian / anti-Israelist academic and political culture Mr. Obama was indoctrinated in manifests in Obama's harsh treatment of Israel and its Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.


JooTube: What do you think about Obama's treatment of Netanyahu at first, and then how Congress reacted to him?

Andrew Breitbart: The body-language of Obama sitting next to Netanyahu showed... you can tell the disgust that Barack Obama had towards Netanyahu- that this is an enemy of his, not just a visiting dignitary. And this is why (even though I've been against the birthers, saying stop it, guys) I have been a "course-er"- I believe that we need to see what classes he took when he was at Columbia and Occidental- and I think that you're going to see that Edward Said played an important role in his educational background. I think that the missing Los Angeles Times video of Rashid Khalidi, who is a pro-Palestinian professor- where clearly Barack Obama praised this man.

The American media does not want you to see - especially since the American media is covering up so that Jewish liberals will see, that we voted the most anti-Israel, most anti-Jew person in the history of this country - and that they knew that he had to get through that group of people, that donor base (I would call them my bretheren, I'm Jewish) the dumb, liberal Jews who can't figure out that this guy does not have Israel in his interests. It's so clear. Why is the L.A. Times hiding the Rashid Khalidi tape? It's now more than ever- we need to see what's on the Khalidi tape. And his grades. Edward Said is dead. But there is a hard-core leftist, anti-Israel bent that I saw with my own eyes after 9/11 at the Federal Building - shut down 2 lanes of traffic. Not only was there anti-Americanism from the organized left - from the professors, from the hard-left- it was also against Israel. The day that we were hit the hardest by a purely villainous group of people, these people were trying to figure out how this could be turned against Israel, how this could be turned against America. And I believe that Barack Obama sits right in the center- of the epicenter of that leftist philosophy. I am not religious, but the conservative Christians of this country have Israel's back. Without them, Israel would be up shit's creek. And the very idea that liberal Jews side with a Barack Obama, side with a Rashid Khalidi, side with an Edward Said ... it is a suicidal pact for the sake of- I don't even know - what are you getting in return? Nothing.

JooTube: In terms of those who would donate and support his re-election coffers?

Breitbart: I want to see the percentage of people who are either suicidal or scientifically-proveably stupid. Because of their support of Barack Obama and being liberal-Jew Zionists. It's suicide or stupidity- it's either one or the other. Theses people, the organized left, the professors in the Humanities Departments on campus have been anti-Israel. We've been brainwashing our kids in this Rashid Khalidi / Edward Said, Orientalism bullshit for too long.

JooTube: Arafatism?

Breitbart: Yes, Arafatism, which is hypocrisy- speaking out of one side of their mouth in Arabic and then speaking another way in English. And all you have to do is look at the transcripts and you see these people do not have democracy at heart- they don't see a future of co-existence... they are a warring faction who want Israel dead! Question: Are you concerned about Islamists infiltrating this administration? Breitbart: Absolutely, because there is no transparency with this group of people. Until I get to see the Khalidi tape, I'm allowed to harbor doubts about this man (Obama) and Israel- and this man and America.

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