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Amb. John Bolton presents wide-ranging perspectives at reform synagogue in L.A.

While East Coast Jewish leaders attended the White House Chanukah party scheduled a week and a half early, a politically mixed audience of attended a public conversation between former U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. John Bolton and host of Los Angeles' Stephen Wise Temple, Rabbi David Woznica. Amb. John Bolton spoke intimately on a wide-range of topics as part of Rabbi David Woznica's guest series on December 6, 2011. Running time 71 min. Amb. Bolton tells of his strong affinity for Israel. He takes exception to Pres. Obama's claim to have been the best of White House administrations for Israel, considering them, in practice, the worst in the history of Israel since its independence.


Unknown said...

I grew up here, so I might be a bit biased, but I love Wilshire Boulevard Temple. I attended the Sunday school from Kindergarten through confirmation and loved it. Great people, wonderful teachers, and fabulous rabbis. I am so excited to see the "Temple campus" now called the Galzer campus being revitalized. The revamped sanctuary is breathtaking. To get more info please visit http://writing-essay.org/prices/.

DemoCaster said...

Nice to hear from you! As the article states, this event was held at Steven Wise Temple, so what does Wilshire Blvd Temple have to do with this article? Would you please delete or modify your comment without an external link (which has no obvious relevance and therefore could be malicious- so NO ONE OUGHT CLICK THAT LINK). If you don't modify your post by Oct 1st, you'll force us to delete it.