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"Obama, Israel and the Jewish vote" - Jerusalem Post

Obama will undoubtedly continue to enjoy wide support among American Jewry, but this does not mean his Mideast policies will be good for Israel - Jerusalem Post Editorial 7/5/11

Rabbi David Algaze, of Havurat Yisrael in Queens, NY, is dismayed about President Obama. He spoke exclusively with JooTube at NYC's Concert With a Message, June 5, 2011.

JPost Editorial:
It might very well be an exaggeration, however, to claim that the US president is losing the Jewish vote over his policies vis-a-vis Israel.

As JTA’s Washington bureau chief Ron Kampeas blogged recently, AJC surveys in the past four years have shown that Israel has consistently ranked no more than fifth on American Jewish voters’ priority list.

Ranking higher are domestic matters such as unemployment, house prices and health care, and international military conflicts in which US soldiers’ lives were under constant danger.

In addition, a recent Pew Research Center poll found that Americans in general (there was no breakdown for Jews) perceive the Obama administration to have a fundamentally positive approach to Israel. In a survey conducted just days after Obama’s May 19 State Department speech and his May 22 AIPAC address, 50% said the president was striking the right balance in the Middle East situation, while 21% said he favors the Palestinians too much.

Zionistic Christian, Eric Jones, in Dearborn expresses concern about the safety of America and Israel under President Obama's administration's foreign policies.

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