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Rabbi Nahum Shifren and Pastor Terry Jones advocate to Arab-Americans to observe American values & overcome anti-Zionism; Leftist-organized Muslims and Blacks taunt,"Send Jews back to Auschwitz!" Cops enable angry mob to thwart visit

Rabbi Nachum Shifren joined Pastor Terry Jones and Pastor Wayne Sass to draw attention to the bigotry of Muslim supremacism over Americanism - evident in large Muslim population areas around the world, such as America's largest Muslim community, in Dearborn, Michigan.

Left-wing activist organizers, By Any Means Necessary ("BAMN"), roused an aggressive protest to the No-Sharia for Americans Rally and absent adequate police protection for Pastor Terry Jones, physically impeded his contingent's march to the Arab Festival.

BAMN seemed to mis-interpret the political nature of the No-Sharia Rally, to rally opposition by accusing Pastor Jones and Rabbi Shifren of racism. See their flyer ALL OUT to Protect and Keep Safe the Arab and Muslim community!

The Muslim and Black protestors, however, readily exposed latent anti-Semitism within Muslim and Black cultures, swearing vulgarities at Rabbi Shifren, and cat-calling for him to "Go back to Auschwitz with the rest of your 6 million fucking Jews," belying BAMN's leftist, rally-organizer, Donna Stern's "anti-racism" mantra.

The martinet Dearborn Police, who chided me on the street for taking a still photograph (and who can be seen in the video with riot-gear clad officers) notably under-protected Pastor Jones' contingent as they attempted to walk to the Arab Festival. The BAMN mob were not prevented from getting directly in Pastor Jones' face, confronting him with signs and blaring megaphones.

Detroit-area radio-host, Phil Stargell, was offended by the police's kid-glove handling of the aggressive protestors, as he explains in this exclusive video:

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