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Israel withdrew all Jewish life from Gush Katif Gaza to give the Palestinians opportunity to prove safe sovereign neighbors

Girls in Neve Dekalim synagogue pray Psalms to save the synagogues of Gush Katif from destruction in the “Disengagement.”


 Translation of "Tefillah Le'Ani" 

"Tefillah le'ani ki-ya'atof, ve'lifnei Hashem yishpoch sicho."
A prayer of the afflicted man when he faints, and in front of Hashem he pours forth his supplications. 

"Hashem, shema se'fillasi, ve'shav'asi ei'lecha savo. "
Lord, hear my prayer, and my cry - to You let it reach! 

"Al tas'teir panecha mi'meni be'yom tzar li. "
Do not hide Your face from me on the day of my distress." (Tehillim 102:1-3) 

 The Rambam writes, "It is a Mitzvah from the Torah to cry out to Hashem for help...whenever trouble strikes the community." The Sefer HaChinuch adds: "And someone who is in difficult circumstances and does not call out to Hashem to save him has violated this mitzvah of prayer...for it is as if he has removed himself from the overseeing of Hashem." (Courtesy, "Know the Words" )  

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