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Daniel's Story: 16-year old confronter of Muslim "Lions' Den" condemners of Israel, reveals insights into the nature of the global conflict

Garnering 3/4 of a million views in its first 2-weeks, the "Daniel in the Lions' Den" viral video phenomenon has been shown on Israeli TV and shared by viewers all around the world.

What motivates this brave 16-year old boy to singlehandedly stand against a mob of anti-Zionist protestors? What does he think about the Flotilla incident as a metaphor for the Palestinian-Israeli conflict that others would be interested in knowing?

JooTube takes an in-depth look into what makes this young hero tick. In an exclusive video interview, Daniel Pereg reveals what was going through his mind as the confrontation unfolded, his spiritual make-up, and his perception of the motivations and issues of what he sees as the mis-guided antagonists to Israel and America.

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