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Flight-attendant deems tefillin-wearer davening Shacharis justification to emergency land flight in Philadelphia

I have often found Christian, female flight attendants to be strident and martinet-ish towards visibly Jewish passengers. I wonder if this one abused her authority to act-out her xenophobic anti-Semitism to an insulting, harmful, and costly extreme.
A spokeswoman for the Transportation Security Administration said a flight attendant reported "a disruptive passenger" before the crew diverted the Louisville-bound flight to Philadelphia. 

Chief Inspector Joe Sullivan explains in this AP Video how the Philly Police Department pulled-out all stops in pursuing this as a terrorist act. If this had happened to a Muslim passenger, you can be sure that C.A.I.R. would already have a lawsuit against the flight-attendant filed. What future effect would Jewish leadership's failure to denounce this abuse of power have?

This satire from Israel's Latma.TV:

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Anonymous said...

If it looks like a bomb then why wear it? This kid inconvenienced others by wearing it.