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Jewish Survival: Sderot yeshiva adapts kassam rockets into Chanukah Menorah

(By Aaron Klein) – Jewish residents of a rocket-battered city outside the Gaza Strip every day this week lit a Hanukkah menorah fashioned out of hollowed Palestinian Qassam rockets that had been shot at their town.

"This is a symbol to our enemies that despite thousands of rockets fired at Sderot, our spirit has not broken. We are here to stay," said Josh Hasten, spokesman for Yeshiva Hesder Sderot, a Jewish school that combines Torah study with army service.

Since the start of Hanukkah last Friday, the Yeshiva has been lighting a menorah on the roof of its building made of Qassam rockets obtained from a local police station that had collected the fallen projectiles. The menorah is visible from most of Sderot. (World Net Daily)  (Photo: Police Chief of Sderot Shimon Nachmani lights Kassam menorah candles atop Hesder Yeshiva)

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