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Barry Rubin speech video from Boston: "How Western policies are heading for disaster in the Mid-East"

Solomonia filmed and posted this live presentation from Boston on 14 October:
This is video of the event I attended last Wednesday evening with Prof. Barry Rubin, Director of the Global Research for International Affairs (GLORIA) Center; editor of the Middle East Review of International Affairs (MERIA) Journal.
If you've been reading what Rubin has been writing, you know how indispensable he is, and his oral presentation is just as good as his written. I love a guy who can get up on stage and speak without notes, and that's what he does here. Audio quality should be passable. Here is the Question and Answer period following his speech.

Rubin has a realist's view of events and antidotes where the word "realist" actually means something. This is well worth it.

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