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Holocaust Musuem shooting spotlights Jewry's weak opposition to anti-Zionism fostering a climate of violence against Jewish targets

The SF Medical Examiner's report is inconclusive as to whether gay, pro-Israel activist Dr. Dan Kliman was pushed or fell into the bottom of the elevator shaft in the building of his Arabic class 6 months ago. Joo-Tube was one of the primary reporters of his death and the memorial service for him in December 2008.

On March 17, 2009, the SF Chronicle Snitch published:
In an 18-page report released today, the San Francisco Medical Examiner's office determined that Dr. Dan Kliman died of blunt force trauma to the head and abdomen following a fall from an elevator believed stuck between the fourth and fifth floors at 55 New Montgomery. While how Kliman ended up in the bottom of the elevator shaft is not spelled out with exact certainty, the report does note "multiple deficiencies" in the elevator car that he fell from.

Kliman, 38, was a fiery pro-Israel activist and co-founder of S.F. Voice for Israel. The strange circumstances surrounding his demise -- combined with recent, well-publicized failures from the San Francisco Police Department -- led many in the Jewish community to assume that Kliman was the victim of a cabal of anti-Zionist extremists.
At the Back of the Hill Blog
There are excellent reasons for doubting that Dan Kliman's death was entirely accidental. As follows:

*Dan was very well-known to the other side, his picture was posted on several sites identifying him as a Zionist "conspirator" and one of the lead-activists in the Bay Area.

*He had received several death-threats over the years - he was known by name and address.

*The pro-Palestinian side has often either used violence or threatened to do so - Dan was assaulted several times.

*The building where he was found was where he was taking Arabic classes; there were NO classes that week.

*Several members of the other side also take Arabic classes - that is one of the few schools in the area where Arabic is taught, and there is a constantly changing roster of Israel-haters studying Arabic there.

*The defective elevator had been secured so no one could enter it.

I am not going to jump to any conclusions just yet. But I am almighty curious.

And until the police PROVE that it was an accident, I have to suspect that Dan was jumped by pro-Palestinian opportunists, who knew who he was, that the building was nearly empty, and that they would not soon have so excellent a chance to "get that Zionist".

Dan was hated. And he was alone in a place frequented by many of his enemies.
The publisher responded to a Commenter alleging Islamophobia:

My dear second anonymous,

Are you the Arab agitator who tried to follow me after that demonstration outside the consulate?

Or are you the bearded middle-aged communist who threatend to "get me" in Oakland?

How about one of the hooldums yelling "Al mawt al Yahud" on Market Street? Or the ones yelling the same thing on Montgomery Street?

Strikes me that given the atmosphere of hatred some of you thugs have created, you are pretty lame now trying to disavow it.

You guys are thugs. And some of you are wannabee hero-criminals.

If you are the mid-twenties bearded dude who tried to wrestle me, I can probably still identify you in a line up. Unless you've had more tattoos since then.

Perhaps you were one of the young Arab gentlemen making the Nazi salute and screaming for the ethnic cleansing of all of Palestine 'from the river to the sea' at Justin Herman Plaza?

The angry woman who yelled that all of us Zion-nazis should be killed at the ANSWER rally? Oh well, it doesn't matter. Get stuffed!

Michael Savage addressed the matter on his radio show on December 3rd.

March 22nd weekend, webblogger, Simian Menace, wrote this deep analysis in Murder most foul- San Fran elevator death case stalled :

According to the report, because of the elevator's age there is no way to determine why it suddenly decided to stop working between the 4th and 5th floor. It has no computer memory chips. How convenient. Then Dr. Kliman somehow pries open the doors using nothing more than superhuman strength and a purple pen whereupon, still wearing his backpack full of books and a laptop computer, and still holding the magic pen in his hand he clumsily tries to climb out of the elevator car and plummets to his death faster than the President's approval rating. He lands at the bottom of the elevator shaft, breaks every major bone in his body, yet still manages to hold on to his magic purple pen.

Here's what Kilman did not do: he didn't use the emergency call button which building officials have confirmed was working at the time. He didn't use his own cell phone to call or text anyone. He didn't use his laptop's wi-fi capability to contact anyone. ...
I don't know what happened that night. We may never know. But I know when something doesn't sound right, and all indications are that there is something rotten in San Fran-freako. SF's murder rate is among the highest in the nation, and its case clearance rate is among the lowest. The hard-working, competent, regular beat-cops are continually hamstrung by incompetent political administrative appointments. Why would the department cover up a murder? Wrong question--why wouldn't they? There are countless PR reasons to label this incident as an "accident. ...
If the state of California refuses to seek justice for Dr. Kliman, perhaps the case needs to be federalized and investigated by the FBI - although US Attorney General Eric ('know when to') Holder seems disinclined to offend the groups which have the most interest in Dr. Kliman's death.
DemoCast elucidates the notion that the far-left's anti-Israelism/Semitism (and the mainstream's - especially mainstream Jewry's - toleration of such) has created a climate not discouraging anti-Zionist violence - as demonstrated in Washington's US Holocaust Museum shooting. Now, even a white Christian, James von Brunn, felt unchallenged to lash-out at Jews at the prominent Museum to intolerance. How shall we gauge the effectiveness of those who should be fighting anti-Semitism/Israelism? What can we do better?

If you have any knowledge of any ensuing activity on this case, you're invited to please post it here.

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