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Paul McCartney: "Damn the fatwa - full speed ahead!' video interview; BBC brands him & Israel "defiant"; Paul candid on Israeli TV on Beatle breakup

Sir Paul McCartney gives a candid interview to Israel's Channel Two television, in anticipation of his premiere performance in Israel on 25 September 2008. The BBC have called Sir Paul "defiant" for playing in light of a  death threat from an al-Qaeda devotee banished from the UK. The BBC article takes a condemning tack not only against Sir Paul, but against the Jewish state for pre-empting a 1965 proposed concert by The Beatles.
The Israeli government pulled a Beatles concert in 1965 on the grounds it could corrupt the nation's youth. When asked how the band members felt about the decision, he said it was "a bit insulting."

We are planning to have a great time and a great evening. We can't wait to get out there and rock!
Sir Paul McCartney
He added: "The Beatles had a pretty positive influence on the world and only regimes that wanted to control their peoples were afraid of us."

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