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Hospital of the Absurd: Israel Treats Palestinians Alongside their Terror Victims

Here, the conflict's pain has been compressed into an improbable intimacy. There is pathos. "The Palestinian boy on one side, Osher on the other- it's something that gets to your heart," said Prof. Gideon Paret, the director of the department.

But there is anger and repudiation as well, and the proximity of the two boys has not brought reconciliation. Osher's parents, Iris and Rafi Twito, are outraged at the thought of comparing the boys' cases. They refuse to allow them to be photographed together.

"The Palestinians aim to hurt our sons and rejoice at their injuries," they said in a statement issued Tuesday, "while neither we, nor our army, intended to hurt them."

"It's like a theater of the absurd," said Prof. Zeev Rotstein, the chief executive officer and director of the hospital. "You have army doctors in white gowns alongside Palestinian doctors who are being trained, at the same time treating Israeli casualties of terrorist attacks and Palestinians who may have been hurt in army actions."

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