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Jewish pride and spirit among entertainers and attendees at Chabad's Chanuka at Universal CityWalk

In Los Angeles, Chabad of The San Fernando Valley staged its 13th annual Chanukah at Universal CityWalk on Sunday evening Dec 21st. Over 1,000 Jews (and Christian passers-by) enjoyed the free, open, Jewish celebration in the promenade area.

JooTube's orginal video features the group of international performers assembled: London's Shloime Gertner Johannesburg's Choni G., NYC's Eli Schwebel (on guitar), and Toronto, Canada's Shlomo Simcha uniting to perform Yosef Karduner's "Hashem Melech!" with backing by the Simcha Orchestra led by Robby Halperin. 

The large menorah's oil lamps were ceremoniously lit by Lyle Weisman and his family.  Is such a religious event in such a public space- too public?  Or is such a public expression of Jewish pride good for the Jews and for the gentiles?   

Chabad of the San Fernando Valley director, Rabbi Mayer Greene offers his views about the program, and the idea of holding publicly-accessible events like this, in the face of so much anti-Zionist activity around the world.

The show in two video playlists:

The various singers combine to sing in innovative ways, leading up to a moving finale. The audience plays an inspiring part in demonstrating Jewish pride to the world.


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